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Abundant Life

As Christ Followers, we've been invited to an amazing life! John 10:10 says Jesus has come that we may have life and live it to the FULL! I don't know anyone whose life isn't full, but not many who would say they are living fully. There's a difference.

So many women feel like they are in either in survival mode most of the time or merely going through the motions of life. I'm talking about women who love Jesus, their families, and even do all the things that are suppose to add up to an abundant life. And yet...something is missing. Have you ever felt like that? Yah, me too.

After some great conversations about this with a friend, we determined to do what we can to help women in our community trade "busy" for "abundant" in every area of life.


By learning what the Word has to say about living fully
By having real conversations about what gets in the way

By setting aside time to get together and prioritize relationships

By encouraging each other in our unique gifts and passions

By exploring mindsets that hinder growth

Are you in? Details Below:



Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

10am-12pm at 158 Fairhill Way

Hosted by Jennifer Freeman & Maggie Johnson

Topic: Connection / Loneliness

We're talking about this topic first because it's surprising how widespread it is. The crazy thing about loneliness is that it can affect anyone, anywhere. We can be surrounded by people and still feel alone. We can serve others and still feel alone. We can have 700 Facebook friends and still feel alone. So what does it mean to be connected to others in a real way? Let's talk about it!


Light refreshments & coffee/tea provided. Registration is free, but limited to 20 people so don't wait! Childcare is available upon request for $5 per child (max 10 children)

Call Jennifer: 810-599-9222 or Maggie: 815-403-0839

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