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About Jen

Hey there, I'm Jen Freeman, and I'm thrilled to connect with you. I hail from the beautiful state of Michigan, where I share a joyous life with my amazing husband of nearly two decades and our two wonderful kids. Michigan's seasons are a delightful rhythm, but I have to confess, summer here steals my heart every time. The warm sunshine, the beach, good food, and the laughter of family and friends—it's my perfect blend of happiness.

Professionally, I've delved into diverse roles that have shaped my perspective. With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, I cut my teeth as a Communication Specialist for one of America's fastest-growing churches. Navigating the intricacies of communication across varied groups sharpened my understanding of perspectives—a skill I cherish deeply.

Transitioning into coaching was a natural evolution for me. I'm a certified life and leadership coach through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. At Jen Freeman Coaching, which I founded in 2017, I've had the privilege of guiding individuals and teams for the past seven years.

My coaching philosophy is rooted in empowerment. I'm passionate about helping people uncover their unique viewpoints and break through limiting beliefs. I hold certifications in several assessment tools that facilitate this journey, drawing out strengths and fostering growth.

Personal experiences, including navigating my child's mental health and substance use challenges, have deepened my conviction in the transformative power of coaching, especially within parent-teen dynamics. I'm also certified in the Invitation to Change Approach, recognizing the pivotal role of listening and fostering change in personal and professional spheres.

Join me at Jen Freeman Coaching, where we'll unlock your potential, embrace perspectives, and create lasting, positive change together. Let's embark on this transformative journey!

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