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About Jen
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I live in Michigan with my husband of nearly 20 years and our two wonderful kids. I enjoy all the seasons, but summer here is definitely my favorite. I’m a true extrovert, an avid learner, and a lover of all types of music. My perfect day would involve my family, lots of friends, good food, warm sunshine, and the beach. 


I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and worked as the Communication Specialist for one of the fastest growing churches in America before transitioning into coaching. As a Communication Specialist I loved the challenge of communicating effectively to multiple groups of people, all with different preferences and perspectives. I’ve learned that understanding perspective is not only a huge key to successful marketing, but to life in general.


“We don’t see things as they are
we see things the way WE are.“


As a coach, I enjoy helping others gain awareness of the unique way they see things. It’s important to know if our beliefs are limiting or empowering us. So many factors come into play; personality, experiences, emotions, thought patterns, etc. One of my greatest joys is watching people break through their own limiting beliefs in order to reach goals they didn’t dream possible! 

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